There are captains of industries amongst us including academics, top flight government officials, military, civil servants, influencers of different flavours and fortune 5000 personalities. When the aforementioned put their minds together and mine them for deeper information; a data warehouse of unlimited wealth pathways that solves our Nigerian perennial problems emerges. This should be the greatest giveback legacy we can give future graduates of UDSS, because once inculcated into the current students, their imagination will do the rest; thus guaranteeing a better future for them and ultimately for us all.

Napoleon Hill once said: “More gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth it self.”
This LMS is just the beginning of what can happen when minds come together despite the odds.


In February 2021, a Needs Assessment Sub-committee was inaugurated to ascertain what the pressing needs of UDSS truly were. The results data as shown below indicates Online Resources followed by Classrooms are desired the most.


Research data further indicated; the top ten schools in Edo State and Nigeria all have some form of LMS or a full fledged VLE.


As expected; there was some debate and disagreement in the committee about the readiness of UDSS for an LMS. The original committee led by Greg Ekhator who is an expert in Elearning and Learning Management Systems deployments and has his own Training School – Debonair Training. decided along with the original committee members to honour the resulting data of the research survey. It was also agreed to include the requirement of refurbishing a second ICT Lab with 50 computers, 2 solar power panels, CCTV for security and an ICT Engineer as part of the package. This was a clear opportunity to really boost UDSS educational standards especially now that on the occasion of the 40th anniversary, with all Sets of UDOSA finally together.To ensure transparency and credibility, the raw data of survey enteries categorically show the unique user id keys (last column which map to the device used to participate in the survey, whether mobile or desktop computer, anywhere located on the globe. Note: The columns that could allow guessing of the respondents id are not included in this graphic in compliance with data privacy.



This LMS is just the beginning of a long term VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (VLE) vision to ensure UDSS becomes sustainably the best in Nigeria again. The LMS is also equipped with a CBT (Computer Based Training) for various modules especially Teachers Training and for UDOSAns who wish to upgrade their skills online. And most importantly a portal and reporting system which allows sponsors the ability to remotely monitor our near-term goal of UDSS becoming top ten in Nigeria again.


The LMS cum VLE will ultimately provide 37 identified benefits to UDSS students, Teachers, UDOSANS and sponsors in the very near future. The added advantage of an LMS is it cannot be vandalised as it is’ hosted in the cloud.

The value of this project in terms of future benefits is perhaps beyond what money can buy. However, lets investigate the market value of a basic LMS which thankfully can’t be vandalised and doesn’t rust. The cost of an LMS with basic functionality might range between ~ USD $37,000 / GBP £27,380.24 to USD $53,000./GBP £38,758.70. However due to UDSS in-house expertise we will be contributing about half that, for a better value added package. Source: