This pioneering effort to establish a world class LMS package for UDSS is spear-headed by Gregory Ekhator, a pioneer alumnus of UDSS. The package is sponsored by some members of UDOSA, well-wishers of UDSS and connoisseurs of world class education standards.

Fundraising for world class Learning Management System (LMS), the beginning of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

  • 35 Subjects curriculum of both Senior and Junior schools
  • Teacher training – Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • 50 DeskTop Computers
  • 2 Solar Power panels to augment existing power supply
  • CCTV cameras to guarantee security in addition to existing school security
  • On-site ICT Engineer and 24/7 remote CCTV security monitoring

All the sponsors will be listed here along with their messages, in our bid to fly the banner of excellent education standards.

  1. Gregory Ekhator (1986) = £8,207 + N596k ie NGN 6,887,000 (Also pledged to donate NGN 1M yearly as part of his contribution to the Endowment fund [for sustained LMS Hosting and technical support])
  2. Chudi Onyebuekwe (2002) = £140 ie NGN 100,000 (Also pledged more to come)
  3. Ivie Obazee (2020) (commendable as she graduated only last year) = £5 ie NGN 22,000

Total raised so far: N7,009,000 of NGN 15.6M (Project package)

Sum of Pledged so far: NGN 3,000,000

Sum of Pledged for the next 5 years per year NGN 1,000,000 = Gregory Ekhator

Fundraiser GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-fund-lms-for-udss-so-becomes-top-10-school

This is the frontpage view of the LMS accessible via https://unibendsslms.org/

To sponsor the UDSS top 10 LMS project:
click on our Gofundme link using the most credible crowdfunding tool in the world